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26-11-13, 11:46 AM
DESCRIPTION ---------- Recruiters [Briseis, Evilianna, Moumakis, Stabby].
RoyalJustice is a tight-knit group of PvP focused players, that started since the very beginning.
We are an international guild, although we have enough Greeks (I know, scary :eek:).
We are focusing on quality, trying not to over-expand, nor expand too fast.
We value guild cohesion and our aim is to create strong bonds between our members.
We advance ourselves and the guild through helping each other advance.
This help ranges from helping you go through instances to helping you understand game mechanics, etc.

SIZE, does it really matter?
We'll probably remain a small to medium sized guild that will not get involved in "big boys'" politics and wars. We still aim to get involved in every aspect of the game, just on smaller scale.
The average age of our members is close to 25yo, with members ranging from 20 to 45yo.
We accept the odd teenager, as long as he/she is mature enough to be a good match for the guild's mentality and thus, blend in nicely.

We don't have a strict ruleset, nor do we force people to participate in events (e.g. war), run carts, etc.
Our goal is to make these events fun enough, so as people want to participate in them.
Our rules come down to using common sense and not being an utter jerk. This, among other things,
means "don't break TPs, don't attack allies (outside of events), do not hack, etc",
In other words, don't do all those things that destroy the fun of others and will, eventually, destroy yours too.

The focus in on PvP, but we often run PvE instances (forbidden and mini).
We are trying to keep a healthy balance between allies and enemies, since you need both in a PvP game.
It's not good to be zerged, nor is it good to not have a healthy pool of eligible PvP targets.

It's a PvP game, you'll PK and you'll get PKed. Everything is good as long as it is a good fight.
Show respect to those that deserve it, even if they are enemies.
Keep in mind that there are no fair fights in true PvP, do not whine about unfair 1vX, etc.
A good fight can be 1v1, but also 1vX.
Getting mad and enganging in trash talking doesn't help you and is mostly making you look like a fool.
PvP is not for those that *RAEG* too easy, but for those who enjoy good fights and good laughs.

Above we describe our mentality, views and goals, still, keep in mind that every person in the guild, in all guilds, has its own personality. Although the aim of our guild is to end up being comprised of like minded individuals, that doesn't happen by default, nor automatically. Instead, it's something that has to be cultivated and thus, something that takes time. It's not realistic to expect that every person belonging to our guild will act in the exact same way, thus it's not realistic to characterize whole guilds by the actions of few of its members. And of course, this stands true for most -if not all- guilds.

Thanks for reading. --- Recruiters [Briseis, Evilianna, Moumakis, Stabby].

23-01-14, 06:41 AM
Do you accept jerks?

23-01-14, 11:37 AM
Do you accept jerks?

?_? u mean? a foolish person? hmm... everyone is a fool sometimes, but if your okay with the RJ rules, regulations and vision then i think even a jerk is qualified to join the family ^_^

I myself is also a new member of RJ and its not really a BIG guild but its fun being with them... Faction, forbidden, raid runs etc.. TP most of the time after SS or whenever people wants/needs it... theres no force or pressure in providing or contributing to the guild needs like escorts.. they will only ask you if you can do just 1 a day (when u log in) and if u cant or dont want to then thats okay..

All in all.. RJ reminds me of being in SHU where everyone is treated as a family... we share info including RE's etc, we help each other in crafting and upgrading... you can even see people sharing loots when they run forbidden even if ur not in the party.. i enjoy being with them.. for now the guild is a small-medium size but the fun in them is big ahaha i think theres also no lvl restrictions... ^_^ anyway if someone wanna join, all i can say is try it with us and if you want to leave no pressure or hard feelings ^_~ and if you want to stay, wed love to make u stay haha

25-03-14, 12:24 PM
While almost every other guilds try to prove how awesome, strong and many they are (in numbers), RoyalJustice dont care at all about a useless title like 'the best guild'.

RoyalJustice always help their official allies and respect their unofficial allies. So far we never gave up a fight no matter if guilds who declared war against us did show up or not, if they outnumbered us, if we were equal or if we outnumbered them.

RoyalJustice dont have strict ruleset and nobody is forced to do anything. It's all about people free will if they want to be a part of RoyalJustice or not. Every contribution it's welcome but even if u dont contribute in any way nobody it's going to ignore u or dont help u if u are asking for it.
But few things are forbbiden in RoyalJustice:
1. Do NOT break Team Practice (TP), under any circumstances!
2. BOTTING, CHEATING, HACKING, SCAMMING or using any EXPLOIT are NOT allowed, under any circumstances!
3. Everyone is equal and RACISM is totally forbidden!
4. 'Dramaqueens' are not welcome!

RoyalJustice is a family and we dont care to be 'the best', but we do LOVE PvP. Actually we are hardcore PvP'ers and diehard!
We would love to meet new people who share the same vision like us.