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    Solution if you cannot install the game -- too many broken .cab files

    Let go directly to the point.

    If you use direct download option, then most of you will face this issue -- too many broken .cab files.

    The reason is the file is not with other data2/3/4/5/ files. file will be your browser's download folder.

    data2/3/4/5/ and data1_AgeofWulin_Setup.exe are in the folder you picked when you started download them.

    solution is easy, move from your browser's download folder to the folder you picked. Then run data1_AgeofWulin_Setup.exe.

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    Thank you.

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    Can someone confirm if this works ?
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    I can confirm that i get this error when running the downloader, there is no datacab1 file.....

    Oh, there is a cab 1 file but you need to copy the file "AgeofWushu_download.exe" to the directory where you downloaded the installation files.

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    i can confirm this solution works , thanks kinaril

    maybe make this a sticky mods so it can help other players too

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    Thanks it really worked

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    Yeah it works Ty for that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anavrinn View Post
    Yeah it works Ty for that!
    thanks for that. it works!!

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